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2: 广东国际赛车场的三级赛道包含多个高速和低速弯道,使赛道在有限的土地上通过赛道线形的组合变化,最大地满足了赛事安全性、运动性的要求。无论对于经验丰富的车手,还是初露峥嵘的新车手都是一个不小的挑战。

3: 赛场具有功能齐全的设施。可以满足汽车厂商、经销商和汽车类的企业举办新车的新闻发布会、产品推广、试乘试驾活动、驻场车队训练、赛车手培训、展览展示、车迷相关活动等需求。在如此人流密集充满商机的地方,广告的价值尤为突出。


Guangdong International Circuit is the first project of Guangdong International Automobile Park. GIC has an area of 550 acres, including F3 track built in accordance with the safety standard of Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), professional skid pad, and multi-functional testing zone and other facilities. Our circuit can meet different demands of race events, various commercial activities and new vehicle driving test etc.
F3 (Formula 3) circuit contains several high-speed turns and low-speed turns, making the circuit complicated and diversified. This circuit definitely offers a challenge to both the rookies and experienced drivers.
GIC, equipped with full-functioned facilities, is able for the car manufacturers, distributors and automobile related enterprises to have the press release for the new car, product promoting, trial driving, training, driver training, exhibition, and other activities for the car fans. Therefore, the value of ads is extremely obvious.

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